Feed Those Lips!

A great base for nourishment is moisturiser. Moisturiser can give a glow, a sheen or a matt finish to the surface of your skin. Remember that all of your make-up efforts are going to sit on top of a moisturiser, so getting the perfect finish to your skin texture is key. Bear this in mind, when choosing products and make sure you're considering textures before you buy. 

A nourishing or conditioning moisturiser will give a deeper penetration of moisture suitable for dry skin. Or if you have oily skin, like me, use a fluid.

The same applies to lips.
Ultra Matt lips were applied at the AW15 Sophie Webster viewing. This look has to have your lips in top condition - so absolutely no visible dead skin or flaky cracks! My top tip to keep lips in great condition is to use a soft bristle toothbrush to ex foliate them (clean obvs!) and the some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream. I love the stuff. It's a dream and takes 5 minutes before bed... your lips will be gorgeous in the morning.

Image from Sophia Webster viewing. Ultra-Matt chalky lips. Photo credit: Getty Images.