Spring clean in winter

Spring clean your look with smart multi-taskers 


Whilst most of us want to look our best as much as possible, increasingly we also need to get our glam on as quickly as possible. Busy lifestyles and a growing number of responsibilities and roles have resulted in women relentlessly searching for smart products that help them cut down on time, without losing face. 


cast your eyes back to summer fresh, healthy, glowing bronzed skin is most definitely a bonus. But how can you recreate this look in the cold and with tired old products? In the spirit of New Year, it’s all about breaking old habits and trying something different to reveal the new you…


Spring cleaning your make-up bag might sound like a chore and something you'd do in spring – but it doesn’t have to be difficult!


Getting ready each morning (and night) can be easy and clutter-free. We’re tempted into the false security of buying many different products (each promising to do something different) by advertisers and YouTubers. But how effective is this approach? How much of this stuff do you actually use – or have time to try?


The answer to widening make-up bag woes (and decreasing time) is simple. Replace tired old products with quick, all-in-one selections with multiple uses. We tend to be creatures of habit, using only a chosen selection of the products we possess on a regular basis, even when we insist on buying that new highlighter or concealer. Cue rifling through useless eyeshadows and lipsticks that don’t suit you to find your trusty old favourite each morning. Sound familiar?


Out with the old, in with the new


The first step to fresh beginnings involves a thorough cleanse – of your make-up bag. Lay everything out in front of you, then identify anything that’s past its best. Yes – make-up does have a sell-by date! Using out of date make-up can have disastrous consequences for your skin. Bacteria builds from constant use, clogging your pores and introducing dirt and grime to your carefully cared for complexion. You can often find the recommended ‘use-by’ on the product itself – usually in a small lotion pot symbol, you’ll see ‘6M’ (six months) ‘12M’ (twelve months) or 24M’ (two years). As a general rule of thumb powders last around two years, whereas foundations, mascaras, lip glosses and lipsticks should be replaced every three to six months. 


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