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So let's discuss contouring

Personally, I'm not a fan. However, done correctly, and with prominent features, it can look great. Oh, it also helps if you're 19! Done badly - and you can end up looking like road kill at best. I love make-up but I really don't like the feeling of a ton of make-up sat on my skin - at 37 years-old, those laughter lines are staying put! If you want to try it, then you should, but do it more subtly. I use two shades of foundation instead of thick products to contour and highlight cheekbones and jaw. You can add a cream or powder product to your cheek tops, if you'd like to add some "strobing". Better still come and...

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Feed Those Lips!

A great base for nourishment is moisturiser. Moisturiser can give a glow, a sheen or a matt finish to the surface of your skin. Remember that all of your make-up efforts are going to sit on top of a moisturiser, so getting the perfect finish to your skin texture is key. Bear this in mind, when choosing products and make sure you're considering textures before you buy.  A nourishing or conditioning moisturiser will give a deeper penetration of moisture suitable for dry skin. Or if you have oily skin, like me, use a fluid. The same applies to lips.Ultra Matt lips were applied at the AW15 Sophie Webster viewing. This look has to have your lips in top condition - so...

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Low maintenance is key

I'm always a fan of low maintenance, and for AW15 season "very low maintenance beauty" were the buzz words throughout key shows. So say goodbye to spending hours in front of the mirror, trying to emulate a cut-crease from a 20-year-old and say Hello to nourished, healthy looking skin and brows. Hurrah! Image from Isabel Marant. Focus was on conditioned skin, groomed brow and soft sculpt lips. Photo by Indigital.

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