Understanding the Needs of Menopausal Skin & Reviving One’s Youthfulness

Understanding the Needs of Menopausal Skin & Reviving One’s Youthfulness
Menopause is widely considered a dreadful and fearful stage of a woman’s life that makes her compelled to feel old and as they say, ‘past her prime’. It is a horrid feeling that most women struggle with in their late 40s and early 50s. Their bodies start undergoing unexplainable and bizarre changes. Not only do they experience physical symptoms of this change, but it also effects their emotional health.
Hot flushes, lack of sleep, and erratic menstrual cycles are just one of the few symptoms that lead them to believe they are no longer youthful and as radiant as they once used to be. As a woman lives through her menopause during her forties, fifties and sixties, several hormonal changes take place in her body, and they affect her skin far more than any other body organ.
These hormonal changes not only bring about mood-related changes, but they also lower the body’s oestrogen levels, which decreases the production of sebum. Now, sebum is basically a naturally occurring lipid that provides the skin its natural oily coverage that prevents dryness and dullness. So, in the absence of natural sebum, women often tend to experience dullness of complexion, lack of radiance and signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
There was a time when menopausal woman weren’t catered to by the skincare and beauty industry, but those times are long gone. Today, modern medical and cosmetic science has given birth to countless products and treatments that can help you revive your youthfulness and feel young and radiant once again. There are several products that can help you maintain the radiance and beauty of your skin to revive your confidence and steer you through the difficult phases of menopause.
Remember, being old is actually nothing more than just a state of mind and a woman just has to get past these dilemmas and societal standards of beauty to revive her confidence, and feel young again. You will only get old when you want to get old, and as long as you are determined to stay fit, eat healthy and look after your skin, nothing can deprive you of your youthfulness.
I’ve picked out several innovative beauty products that have helped menopausal women all over the globe.
Here, take a look:
Collagen Boosting Serum by Nurture Replenish
Nurture Replenish is an extremely innovative brand that specialises in treating and rejuvenating mature skins without the use of harsh exfoliators and aggressive chemicals. This potently powerful serum not only contains a rich assortment of omega-packed oils, but it also contains a natural skin moisturiser, hyaluronic acid, along with plant oestrogens, like soy, which enhance flagging collagen. Basically, it aids in reducing sensitivity, and enhancing the porous barrier that allows toxins to enter the innermost layers of your skin.
Moreover, it also aids in dulling pigmentation blotches, and creating a flawless base to do your makeup for the day. The texture may seem slightly oily when you apply it, but it quickly envelopes your skin with a lovely matte finish. It will also help you blur out those fine lines, open pores and annoying wrinkles.
Instant Skin Perfector by Nurture Replenish
This is undoubtedly a woman’s best trick to shroud away all those horrid skin imperfections that tend to dull our radiance and beauty. This is an advanced skin perfecting formula, created with the highly innovative AuraSphere technology that is capable of diffusing and reflecting light in order to provide you a powerful coverage to hide all skin imperfections.
This is a great skincare trick to hide away those awful pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and create a smooth base to do your makeup. The formula is packed with phytoestrogens of lipobelle soyaglycone and red clover, which cast an uplifting effect on the skin and protect its radiance with a burst of antioxidants. You can use it as a standalone product, or even mix it up with a primer to create a flawless canvas for your makeup experiments.
The fragrance is a true gift as it will allow your skin to smell of a classic natural blend made with sweet orange, lemongrass and natural oils derived from grapefruit. Seriously, what else can a woman possibly need?
Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Advanced Replenishing Complex
The name might come across as a compensation for getting old but the product is truly one of the most innovative and trusted skin care lines for menopausal women in the beauty industry. The texture is a fresh cream that feels a lot like gel, and unlike most formulas, it won’t make your skin look horridly sweaty. So, if you have an excessively oily skin type, this formula will provide a burst of moisture to your cheeks and neck.
It is available in various options, for instance, you can pick out your skin type, ranging from normal to dry and combination, so that the formula you buy really works wonders for you.
Clarins Super Restorative Night Cream
If you’re devastated to see your skin turn into a sand paper-like excessively dry texture when you wake up in the morning, you are in dire need of the Clarins Super Restorative Night Cream. It is a highly reputed and widely researched night cream that has helped countless menopausal women bring back their dewy radiance in the morning.
It is a night cream, so you have to massage it on to your face and neck before you sleep, and the texture is so lightweight that it will quickly melt into your skin, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up stains from your pillowcases. Waking up in the morning will be a bit of a surprise, because your skin will look rejuvenated and not the least bit crumpled!
Neovadiol Maigistral Elixir
This is an extremely innovative age-restoring oil that combats against the signs of severe dryness, and rejuvenates your skin by brimming it up with essential lipids that all women tend to loose during the menopausal phases. It contains 10% omega oils, which make your skin amazingly radiant, youthful and strikingly smooth. If you have an excessively dry skin type, this elixir is just what you need to make it smooth and supple.