We love... Queen Elizabeth II

Maybe not the first person who springs to mind as a fashion icon but the Queen’s familiar and recognisable style has done the nation proud during her 63 years and 7 month reign. Consistency in design, cut, block colours and her stable accessories of gloves, black handbag, pearls and the odd tiara have seen her rarely put a foot wrong.

This is a lady who is not afraid to wear colour and we both admire and envy her ability to do so. From shocking blues, hot pinks, citrus limes and even sunshine yellow, no colour appears to be off limits.

Day dresses with matching coats have become a stable and practical wear in recent years. In contrast to the bright colours, we love seeing the Queen in softer pastel shades too. The vibrant pink/blue tone on the lips lifts and brightens her face while her beautiful and youthful skin needs little else other than a small amount of blusher. Pearls add class and sophistication without being showy or pretentious.

With her hair pulled back the Queen’s beautiful skin is on full view here. We love the bright headscarf, showing her sense of fun and style. The colour works well to bring out the colour of her eyes, deep blue. Again the lipstick is spot on, it works well with her skin tone, undertone and full lip size.

A true inspiration to all hard working woman everywhere.