We love.... Adele

Adele's look has a vintage feel to it. It is old fashioned but so well executed. Whilst her makeup choices are controlled (she sticks to what she knows) they are never dull. Big hair, feline eyes, neutral lip colour are all synonymous with Adele’s image. But it is her luminous skin that has caught our eye. And on the front cover of her new album her milky flawless skin is on full show.

This is a girl who looks after her skin, after all she did appear on the Rolling Stones cover completely makeup free (or so they say!). But there is no denying her great bone structure and rosy pout is a real reminder of her natural beauty. 

Her natural glow may be down to great genes but that alone is not enough. A great routine and proper preparation have kept her skin in top condition.

Despite only releasing her third album ‘25’, in November, Adele has managed to knock out everything in her path and we love her for it.