Health, Safety and hygiene workshop

The Movemnt Events team and Lynette Page Makeup Artistry have teamed up to offer an MUA best practice course making attendees eligible for Professional Artistry Insurance.

Things are changing for artistry standards ALL practising Makeup artists will need the relevant insurance to secure future work. 

Practising makeup without the basic health, safety and hygiene standards and insurance are putting you and your clients at risk. 

Clients are becoming aware of the mishaps being made by uninsured artists and YOU could be on the receiving end of a nasty lawsuit. We’ve all spilt makeup on our carpets and clothes in the past, can you afford a huge carpet or clothes cleaning bill on a freelancers wage? 

Do you know what the industry hygiene standards are for your products?

Work Smart and get insured with professional makeup artistry insurance which will cover all types of makeup, day, evening, media, stage and much more for such mishaps. 

Our course will have you compliant in all areas of health, safety and hygiene and eligible for insurance with our step by step guide to industry standards and on-site assessment. 

Bring your own kit and model and we’ll show you the standard you should be working at in industry best practice. It’s still your style of makeup but upgraded to professional standards. 

Once eligible Makeup artistry insurance will cover you for up to £6 million at a further cost to you of £62.33. You’ll receive a cert of attendance and your own insurance document ready to start your policy with peace of mind for you and your clients. 

Lynette Page Makeup Artistry courses have been vetted and approved by an awarding body to offer a high standard of best practice in makeup. A 20+ year veteran in Makeup artistry makes these courses eligible to offer industry insurance to all that pass and attend.  

 Choose your date and location 

Monday 23rd July

Monday 10th Sept

10:30 - 2:30pm

Didsbury Parsonage Gardens, Stenner Lane, Didsbury

Manchester M20 2RQ