Elle For Elle

Elle For Elle is the nominated charity that we help. Everytime you book events and services through The Movemnt we will donate 10% of our fee to Elle for Elle women's charity.

Here's why we want to help.

Elle for Elle is a voluntary organisation, dedicated to stocking the bathrooms of women's refuges in the UK.

To date, they've given over £10K products to refuges since Dec 2017 and this number is growing at a rapid rate.

The women that arrive at the refuge's are fleeing from domestic violence often with small children in tow. They come with nothing but the clothes they're stood in and are uncertain of what the future will hold.


 'Dignity after Distress' is Elles' campaign and it means just that. It allows these women to keep hold of the last bit of dignity they have by keeping personal hygiene private and allowing them some 'Me time' after what they've been through. 

Elle for Elle is a voluntary funded charity that needs our help and yours.

We can collect on your behalf the following;

Makeup (all types, all skin tones) 
Shower gels
Sanitary wear
Deodorants (roll-ons) 
Hair brushes
Skincare (all types) 
Body lotions